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the Alpaca farm experience

Stone Farm, our partnering Alpaca Farm, offers transformative

teen experiences. This fun journey also has wellness benefits and research shows that these types of events:

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve mood

  • Enhance social connections

  • Boost confidence

Alpaca-assisted activities in our creative programs promote mental, emotional, and social health. Teens observe and interact with alpacas, developing mindfulness, stress reduction, self-esteem, empathy, social connections, and personal growth in a unique and positive atmosphere.


alpaca farm opportunities:

🦙 Field Trips: Learn more HERE
🦙 Summer Camp: Learn more HERE

Kathleen Ford photo.JPG

Group Facilitator, Kathleen Ford

Through the program of PATH International, Kathleen Ford has earned the certification of Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning. In addition to her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Valparaiso University, she also holds a Master of Science degree in Learning and Developmental Sciences from Indiana University, as well as an Education Specialist degree in School Psychology from Indiana University.

Kathleen spent her childhood surrounded by horses and dogs, and she always favored playing outside to any activities that took place inside. As an adult, she worked as a school psychologist in public schools and also volunteered at therapeutic horseback riding facilities. She also worked in the field of rehabilitation. Stable Space is an equine-assisted learning organization that connects people living in metropolitan Indianapolis with horses. Kathleen is the originator of this firm. Through her work with The Chris Center, she will be able to provide alpaca farm trips, which is a really exciting development for her animal-focused work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is Stone Farm?
14950 Little Eagle Creek Ave, Zionsville IN 46077

Who can participate in the Alpaca Adventure Program?

All Middle School and High School-aged students 

What is the program level: This is an introductory alpaca-assisted learning program.

What is an animal-assisted activity? Animal-assisted activities are informal, non-clinical interactions between humans and animals that are supervised by a trained animal handler or facilitator. These animal-assisted activities can decrease stress, improve mood and self-confidence, and enhance social communication while allowing humans to interact and connect in a non-judgmental and nurturing environment.


Attire: All participants should dress for farm/outdoor sessions. Participants are advised to wear closed-toe shoes with sturdy soles as well as long, comfy pants. Children/groups interested in creek stomping should wear submersible shoes/boots. Be prepared for rain and mud and don't wear special clothes.

What if I register and there aren't any spaces left? You will be placed on our waitlist and notified if/when I space becomes available.

Are scholarships available? Yes, for our Summer Camp. More information is included on the Summer Camp page. The Chris Center strives to keep our program fees as low as possible. However, sometimes even that is not enough. The Chris Center has been awarded limited scholarship funds to support participants that demonstrate a need. Please fill out our form of financial needs to be considered for a scholarship.  Once we receive your form, a member of The Chris Center will call you to discuss your application.


Group Facilitator, Megan Hanna

Megan has always been a seeker- of beauty, purpose, and love. Her parents were classical musicians, so she was drawn to the arts and their mystical attraction. She became an interior designer after graduating from North Central High School and Indiana University with an Art History degree. Megan sought and created beauty every day, but she realized that her constant hunt for the next best thing was keeping her in a state of lack.

She was drawn to yoga while working in interior design and retail. Megan discovered that she already had the beauty she sought via yoga. She has taught weekly since 2011.

Megan launched a private practice in 2021 to help individuals connect with themselves through astrology.

Yoga and Astrology continue to satisfy her search every day. It taught her the profundity of human experience, self-compassion, and our inner beauty.

She feels that learning to love oneself increases our ability to improve the world.

Megan dreamed of training wild animals as a child. She led the Alpaca camp in 2022, fulfilling her dream. She still loves and learns from animals, especially her German Shepherd Otto and black cat Missy.


Happy Family

I met new friends and the staff was kind and fun to hangout with.

Teenagers in Park

I liked it because it was easy to talk to others when we did group activities.

Girl in the Fields

I learned I feel way calmer around alpacas.

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