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PAWS Therapy Dog Program
Peace and Wellness through Human-Dog Interaction

TCC PAWS Therapy Dog Program supports student wellness by providing middle school and high school students an opportunity to interact with registered therapy dogs during school or extracurricular activities. These student-dog interactions can reduce stress, enhance social interactions, provide motivation for learning, and bring joy and comfort to students.


Our therapy dogs are affectionate animals that welcome interactions with people, have completed basic obedience training, and have passed an evaluation in order to become part of a registered therapy team (consisting of a handler and dog). TCC PAWS Teams serve students in various settings, such as small discussion groups, homework or study time, outdoor recess, and stress reduction during finals week. During the 2022-2023 academic year, TCC PAWS Therapy Dog Program will be supporting student wellness at University High School, Guerin Catholic High School, The Orchard School (middle school), and the Carmel Clay Public Library. 

The Chris Center relies on a dedicated team of volunteer handlers and dogs to meet the wellness needs of students in our community. If you would like to make a difference in the lives of teens while having fun and spending time with your dog, please click the Dog Handler Volunteer button above to learn more about joining our PAWS Team!

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